“What is better than a guitar ? Two guitars ! ” said Segovia. And he was right, especially when they express such beautiful harmony and such complicity among themselves that they do not know where to begin one and where the other ends.
Thank you and congratulations to the Duo Themis for this wonderful evening.
Alice Freton, Galierie de Luthiers, Lyon

CHINA TOUR (spring, five dates to be precised)

July 17, Concert at Festival de Chanteuges, Allier
June 2  : Concert at Clos des Arts, Les Mages
May 25  : Concert at the Temple of St. Cézaire de Gauzignan
March 10, Concert at Salle Girard, La Garde d’Adhémar
February 7th (midday): Concert at “NaMusiq“, Namur, Belgium

October 28th: Concert at Centre culturel du Vieux Aylmer in Gatineau
October 26th : Concert in Rimouski
October 26th : Masterclass at the Ecole de musique in Rimouski
October 25th : Concert at Université Laval, Québec
October 25th : Masterclass at Université Laval, Québec
Concert à Neuville ( date to be précised)

September 13th  : Concert at « Pause musicale », Maison de l’Occitanie, Toulouse
July 20th : Concert at the Festival international de guitares de Puy-l’Evêque (46)
July 17th : Concert at “Estivales des Taillades”, Luberon
July 11th: Concert at the temple of Désaignes, Ardèche
June 30th, 21H : Participation at the final concert of Festival international de guitare de Lambesc
June 2nd 20H30 : « Tango » (with Henry Vaudé, flute) at the temple of  St.-Cézaire de Gauzignan
June 2nd (afternoon) : « Tango » (with Henry Vaudé, flute), at the “Musée du Vieux Nîmes”
May 19th : “In between two worlds” at the Chapel of Saint-Julien de Montredon, Salinelles
April 28th : Concert at the “Salle culturelle”, Monoblet, (30)
April 7th : Concert at Petit Théâtre de la Placette, Nîmes
March 30th : “Envolées latines” with Henry Vaudé, flute, Maison des Arts de Cabriès (13)
March 23th : Concert at the Festival “Cordes sensibles”, St Médard en Jalles
March18th : Concert at Festival Maison des Arts, Pérols (34)
January 21th  : Concert at « La Bergerie », Russan
January 20th : Masterclass, Tassin-la-Demi-Lune (69)
January 19th : Concert at the Auditorium, Tassin-la-Demi-Lune (69)

December 10th : Private concert in Massillargues
December 1st : Concert at the Christian Liger Theater, Nîmes
October 31 , 19H : Concert at Galerie des Luthiers, Lyon
October 1st (17H) : Concert at the Temple of St-Cézaire-de-Gauzignan
September 16th : Concert “Heritage Days” at the church of La Garde Guérin, Lozère
30 juillet : Concert at Château des Bourines, Aveyron
29 juillet : Concert at La Menuiserie, Rodez
July 13th : Opening concert at Festival de Guitare de Chanteuges, Haute-Loire
July 1st : Concert at “La Nuit des Églises”, church of Payzac, Ardèche
June 25 : Concert in Narbonne
June 3th : Concert at Mas Reynès, Montpellier
May 20th : Concert at the “Musée des cultures taurines”, Nîmes
May 4th : Concert at  the Temple of Monoblet
April 23th : Concert at the church of St. Martin de Corconac
April 22th : Concert (solo with the Orchestra of Canet-en-Roussillon) at the Jean Piat Theater, Canet, Pyrénées Orientales
March 3rd : Concert at the CMCT Gallery, Nîmes
February 25th : Private concert, Nîmes
January 28th : Concert at Galerie des Luthiers, Lyon
January 22th : Concert at “Musique et Culture”, La Garde Adhémar

December 4th : Concert together with Henri Vaudé, flautist, at “L’automne musical”, Nîmes
November 26th : Concert at Opéradou, Nîmes
November 25th : Concert at Opéradou, Nîmes
September 30th : Concert at Minuit Blanche – Uzès
Argentina : Concerts and Master Class
August 28th – September 11th : Audes y Sierras Guitar Festival
Brazil : Guitar Festival Porto Alegre
August 25th : Porto Alegre
August 26th : Caxias do Sol

July 19th: Concert at Festival “Le temps des Guitares”

July 1st : Concert at Moussac temple
June 25th : Concert at Saint Geniès de Malgoires (private concert)
June 19th : Concert at Domaine du Claud – Saint Jean de Védas
June 15th : Roquebrune


May 17th : Concert at Festival “Guitares en Picardie” – Eglise de Folembray France
June 19th : Concert at Festival “Guitares en Cévennes” – Eglise de Vézénobres
September 19th : Concert “Chapelles d’Automne” – St Just d’Ardèche

February 6th : concert in Neuchâtel (Suisse) , “Concerts de Camille”
March 1st : Concert at Foyer de Brignon (30)
March 21th : Concert at “Festival Univers Guitare” in Corbeil Essonnes.
April 12th : Concert in Nîmes,  “Saison du Théâtre Christian Liger”
May 18th : Festival “Guitars in Picardie”
June 13th : Scène Chapelle of the Pénitents at Pont Saint Esprit (30)
June 15th : Festival “Rue des Artistes” at St-Chamond (42) in the Parc oh the “Hôtel de Ville”.
June 26th : Festival  “Guitare des Cévennes” , temple of “Mages”, Gard.
June 29th, July 3th and 5th : Concert at the Festival of Lambesc.
August 20-21-23-24 : Tour in Brazil
August 20th : Foyer del “Teatro Sâo Pedro”, Porto Alegre
August 21st : “Solar dos Camaras” (Assembleia Legislativa do Estado do Rio Grande do Sul), Porto Alegre
Filmé par TV Assembleia et retransmis dans tout le Brésil, Porto Alegre
23/08/2014: “Casa da Musica” Master Class,Porto Alegre
24/08/2014 :” Casa da Musica” Recital,Porto Alegre
August 29 and September 2 to 7 : Tour in Argentina.
29/08/2014: concert in Buenos Aires
Septembre 2 at 7/09/2014: Guitar Festival in  Capilla del Monte, Concert and master class)
October 3th : Concert for Event “Minuit Blanche” at the “Hôtel de ville” of Uzès  (30) (France)
October 30th : Concert for the International Festival Guitare of Plovdiv in Bulgarie
November 21th : Concert at the  Moussac “Foyer ” (30)

January 26:concert in Nimes, the temple oratory with mezzo soprano Aline Marteville
February 16th : Creation of the Concerto “Tierra de ancestros” with orchestra, Nancy, in the presence of the composer Jaime Cordoba
Aout 1stconcert in Ebreuil (allier)- at the abbey
Aout 2nd concert in Veauce (allier)- vault of Veauce
Aout 4th concert in Chambonat (Ardèche) – at the church.
September 28th : concert in La Calmette at the Temple.
November 24th : concert in Nîmes “Musée des Beaux Arts” , “l’Automne musical de Nîmes 2013”
November 29th : concert at the music school – Centre Pépin – Pont Saint Esprit
December 13th : Academy of the “Grand Alès”

February 10th :  concert in Nimes, theater Christian Liger, concerto of Aranjuez and concerto Andalusian by Joaquin Rodrigo with  Nîmes’orchestra, Officer David Dewaste
June 23th : concert at the Cultural Space of Ales, duo concert and master class.
Aug. 7th : concert Chambonas (Ardèche)
August 9th : concert in Saint André de Valborgne
August 22th :  duo concert in Moussac (Gard)
October 13th : concert in Nimes, Temple of the oratory, with flutist Henry Vaude and clarinetist Stimbre Nicole
October 25th : concert hall parlor in Nîmes (College Feuchères) with flutist Henry Vaude