Two guitars that complement each other: the sweet pulsation of Florence and the energy of Alexander set up a fantastic blend. They form a single instrument that expresses all the nuances.

Juan Manuel Cortés, Spain


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« Dialogando »  Ad Vitam Prod Records, NEW !
An amazing selection of pieces from Argentina and Brazil composed by
Eduardo Martin, Clarice Assad, Norberto Pedreira, Radamès Gnatalli, Astor Piazzolla and Sergio Assad

Chiquilin de Bachin

Astor Piazzolla | Dialogando


May 25  : Concert at the Temple of St. Cézaire de Gauzignan
June 2  : Concert at Clos des Arts, Les Mages
July 17 : Concert at Guitar Festival Chanteuges

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A short interview and some music extracts, shooted at and by the International Festival of Guitar in Porto Alegre, Brazil